Corporate vision and ambition

Our mission is to provide a healthy indoor climate with top-quality solutions. Living spaces are kept at a comfortable temperature by our radiators and heating and cooling ceilings, while our ventilation solutions make sure that you can breathe fresh, clean air 24/7.

always the best climate

From family business to international company

From a small, family-run mechanical workshop in Graenichen, Switzerland, Zehnder has grown into a leading international corporation. The company's roots are deeply intertwined with the entrepreneurial spirit of the Zehnder family. These are visible in Zehnder's corporate culture, customer focus, respect, trust, curiosity, and openness.

Dr. Hans-Peter Zehnder and daughter Milva Inderbitzin-Zehnder outside
Dr Hans-Peter Zehnder & Milva Inderbitzin-Zehnder
I am proud to represent the younger generation on the Board of Directors.

Milva Inderbitzin-Zehnder

Solutions for a perfect indoor climate

Did you know that we spend 90% of our time indoors? Zehnder's mission is to provide a healthy, comfortable indoor climate with top-quality solutions. Living spaces are kept at a comfortable temperature by our radiators and heating and cooling ceilings, while our ventilation solutions make sure that you can breath fresh, clean air 24/7.

Facts and figures: excellence since 1895

We develop and manufacture our products in our own plants in Europe, China, and North America. Our sales activities, spanning more than 70 countries, are conducted through local sales companies and representative offices.

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Infographic of Zehnder Group Worldmap shown all local sales companies and representative offices in over seventy countries
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A history of great innovations and constant change

What is the secret behind Zehnder's success? We seize opportunities while planning in a long-term and sustainable way. We strive for innovation and want to continuously provide the best indoor climate to our customers. 

125 years of Zehnder

Recent milestones

building Center of Climate, Lahr, Germany
Opening of the Center of Climate

The Center of Climate is an impressive new corporate building in Lahr. The centrepiece of the nearly 5,000 m2 area spread across three floors is the brand experience space, the interactive exhibition featuring numerous display modules.

product close up from flitech
Driving growth

With the acquisition of the Filtech and Airia brands, Zehnder takes another strategic step in driving growth in the ventilation industry and strengthening its technological expertise.

Inside Zehnder logistic center in lahr germany for CAS
Opening of the logistics centre

The opening of the Zehnder logistics centre in Lahr, Germany, provides a hub for European deliveries and is a huge step forward in developing the company's customer service activities.

Our five core values

These values come, to a certain degree, from the company's Swiss roots and have been developed over time. They are also evolving, and support the ongoing remodelling of the company.

The values as follows:

  • We aim to always be the first choice for our customers and partners. We ask the right questions to understand their needs.
  • We invest in long-term collaboration with our customers.
  • We aim to always create a win-win situation.
  • We do business in a sustainable and honest manner. We care for the environment.
  • We have and show respect, no matter what culture, what gender, what function or what seniority our colleagues have, we value their contribution. We do not accept harassment and discrimination. We treat others the way we would like to be treated.
  • We are committed to a solid work ethic, integrity, honesty, and quality, towards our customers, our partners, our stakeholders, and society.
  • We encourage and support our employees to contribute to society.
  • We have a positive attitude towards our colleagues, based on trust and mutual respect.
  • We lead by trust, not with control. This includes the right to make mistakes and the willingness to learn from them.
  • Credit is given to the team, the leader takes responsibility.
  • We want to learn from our customers, our competitors, our partners, and colleagues from all different areas and cultures.
  • We communicate in an open and direct way and share experience with our colleagues.
  • We do not show off, we avoid excessive rhetoric and hypocritical or cynical remarks.
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Man working with zehnder charlston radiator

Taking action when it comes to sustainability

Zehnder is synonymous with developing innovative indoor climate solutions worldwide. However, we are also committed to a safe and pleasant outdoor environment. After all, the best indoor climate can only be achieved in conjunction with a good outdoor climate. 'always the best climate' has become our maxim. We're dedicated to sustainability and protecting the environment to ensure future generations can enjoy it as much as we do.

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We concentrate on three focus areas:

  • Environment: We bear a high degree of responsibility for the environment. Protecting it is a key prerequisite for our future growth as a company.
  • Employees: Our employees are our biggest asset. We are committed to ensuring their well-being and furthering their personal and professional development.
  • Society: Our business activities are based on fairness, equality, and a clearly defined system of values.
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