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Comfortable Indoor Ventilation

Zehnder ventilation systems ensure a healthy indoor climate while being highly energy efficient. Our ventilation products not only enhance well-being, but also help to preserve property value. 

Your benefits from comfortable indoor ventilation

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Fresh air 24/7

Zehnder's ventilation technology automatically ensures that only fresh, clean air enters apartments. Disturbances caused by open windows, such as street noise or annoying flies and other insects, are eliminated. 

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More well-being and health

Ventilation technology removes not only stale air, but also pollutants emitted from furnishings. The decrease of excess humidity reduces the risk of mould on walls and furniture. 

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Good for the wallet

The heat exchanger in the ventilation unit extracts the residual heat from the stale air and uses it to heat the fresh air from outside, which saves a lot of energy and money during the heating season. 

How does comfortable indoor ventilation work?

A comfortable indoor climate is usually associated with a balance between the right temperature, rapid removal of odours, the right humidity, and the prevention of draughts. But how does it work? Find out in our explanatory video.  

Your Zehnder comfortable indoor ventilation toolbox:

Comfortable indoor climate can be achieved by good ventilation. Zehnder offers suitable solutions for every project situation: 

  • Ventilation systems for individual rooms, single-family houses, multi-family buildings, and light commercial projects

  • Air distribution systems and ventilation units tailored to the size of the rooms or building and the desired comfort

  • Suitable products for new constructions or renovations

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Comfortable indoor ventilation
Central ventilation with heat recovery

The central units ventilate the entire house and, via the air distribution system, air is supplied and discharged in the right place. The heat or cold that is already present in the house is recovered. This way, no energy is lost.  

Installed Comfo Clime, combined with Comfo Air Q, with drain and Comfo Pipe plus, basement room, laundry room, utility room, fitness room, training room,CA Q,
Comfortable indoor ventilation
Air tempering

Zehnder's intelligent ventilation technology can cool intuitively. It ensures a pleasant indoor climate by additionally cooling and dehumidifying the room air. This keeps the interior pleasantly cool even on hot days.

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Comfortable indoor ventilation
Decentralised ventilation solutions

Individual ventilation units provide a pleasant, feel-good climate in the rooms of the residential unit – without an air distribution system. Ideal for retrofitting individual rooms and flats. The installation is quick, uncomplicated, and cost-effective.

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Comfortable indoor ventilation
Grilles and valves

A house with clean air and style thanks to Zehnder air valves and design grilles. Unique, elegant, and award-winning designs for optimal living comfort. 

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Comfortable indoor ventilation
Controls, sensors, and connectivity

We provide state-of-the-art controls, sensors, and connectivity options for a fully automated and efficient ventilation system. 

Comfortable indoor ventilation
Air distribution

The Zehnder air distribution system efficiently routes air from our ventilation systems to targeted spaces. There is a suitable air distribution system for every project: for new construction and renovation, for single-family houses or large projects. All connected in a fast, easy, and secure manner. 

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Comfortable indoor ventilation
Ventilation systems for light commercial buildings

In commercial buildings, hotels or schools: Zehnder's high-performance commercial ventilation systems ensure healthy air exchange combined with high energy efficiency for private or public buildings. 

Having used Zehnder's ducting and ventilation units on this project, I'm confident I won't use any other system in the future. It met and surpassed all our criteria, and the installation was simple and cost-effective. We wouldn't ask for anything more.

Mike Beckett, Director, Hill Bespoke

Product recommendation

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Zehnder Air Distribution
Quick. Easy. Secure. Approved!

The air-distribution installation industry is undergoing change. More efficiency is required and, consequently, processes need to be simplified and accelerated.


Comfortable indoor ventilation systems ensure sufficient and healthy air exchange independently and around the clock. Far too often, however, newly built or modernised building envelopes no longer allow natural air exchange through cracks and joints. Sufficient, repeated purge ventilation in all rooms is not feasible for most people in everyday life. Particularly in large cities, opening windows also means fine dust, pollution or exhaust fumes. 

This is where Zehnder ventilation systems come into play. They transport clean, fresh air indoors – without any annoying pollen or impurities. In addition, excess humidity in the rooms, and thus the formation of mould, is prevented, which protects not only the health of the occupants but also the value of the property. 

You can open the windows at any time. However, this is not necessary for ventilation. A comfortable indoor ventilation system automatically ensures fresh air and optimal indoor air quality at any time of day and all year round. 

On the contrary: compared to window ventilation, with Zehnder comfortable indoor ventilation, the energy effect of the airtight building envelope is fully utilised. With up to 96% heat recovery, up to 50% heating energy can be saved. 

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