men and child playing on the fllor with a zehnder cleo radiator
modern bathroom with a zehnder clima bathroom radiator
refurbished liviling room with an white zehnder charleston design radiator

Decorative Radiators

Zehnder decorative radiators are used in both residential and commercial buildings and meet the most advanced heating requirements with a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes. The radiators are suitable for different heating systems and central heating electric and dual energy operation.

Zehnder Design-Heizkörper werden sowohl in Wohn- als auch in Geschäftsgebäuden eingesetzt und erfüllen durch eine Vielfalt an Formen, Farben und Maßen modernste Heizansprüche. Die Heizkörper sind für unterschiedliche Heizsysteme und Betriebsmodi wie Warmwasser, Elektro- & Mixbetrieb geeignet.

Decorative radiators for all heating requirements

Zehnder Charleston in operation on the central heating system

dentist room with a green zehnder charleston design radiator

Zehnder Tetris IHC

modern bathroom with a black bathroom radiator zehnder tetris

Zehnder Charleston – living area

modern living area with glass fronts and design radiators zehnder charleston

The right radiator for every requirement

bathroom modern with zehnder bathroom radiator forma spa
Bathroom radiator

Zehnder bathroom radiators provide warmth and comfort and are ideal for hanging and drying towels. Their attractive design enhances any bathroom.

living room Zehnder Metropolitan radiator
Living room radiators

Zehnder living room radiators are available in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes to suit every individual furnishing style.

hall zehnder charleston radiator special
Special solutions

Zehnder offers customised radiators in special shapes from curved to multi-angled according to the required space.

refurbishment from a bathroom with white radiator

By using more energy-efficient design radiators, you not only do your bit for the environment, you also create a fresh look and a new sense of homeliness.

Select the desired operating mode as well

Zehnder designer radiators are available in different operating modes.

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Central heating radiator

With their individual design, Zehnder hot water radiators add a special touch to any room and ensure a healthy indoor climate and comfortable level of warmth.

modern bathroom with a black zehnder charleston design radiator
Electric radiators

Electric radiators provide cosy warmth without the need to operate the entire heating system and are extremely energy efficient. The diverse designs of Zehnder electric radiators match any interior style.

wall of a bathroom with a zehnder quaro design radiator
Radiator in dual energy operation

Zehnder radiators in dual or mixed operation are very popular in the transitional period. They ensure heated towels and a comfortable heating effect all year round.

living room wall with a design radiator zehnder nova neo
State-of-the-art low-temperature radiator

Low-temperature radiators are a highly efficient and future-oriented heating method. They are particularly effective when combined with a heat pump to maximise efficiency and energy savings.

Our design highlights

Zehner Tetris

modern bathroom with a central placed design radiator zehnder tetris

Zehnder Arteplano

entrance area and stairs with a zehnder design radiator zehnder arteplano

Zehnder Archibald

grey bathroom with a design radiator studio collection zehnder archibald

Zehnder Studio Collection: our special design highlights

The decorative radiators in the Zehnder Studio Collection for bathrooms and living rooms fulfil the most demanding design requirements. The product range has been developed by experienced designers and each radiator makes its own exclusive statement. A love of unique shapes and colours is at the heart of the Zehnder Studio Collection. The motto 'When form follows function' reflects the essence of this extraordinary product range.

  • Sophisticated technologies
  • Exclusive product range
  • Maximum functionality

Zehnder decorative radiators leave nothing to be desired.

gold brand logo of the zehender studio collection
When I design for Zehnder, I have the confidence to start with concepts, even abstract ones, and know that they will become tangible and successful products.

Santiago Miranda (Designer – Design Studio King & Miranda, Milan)

Frequently asked questions about radiators

In this day and age, there is a wide range of radiators to choose from. However, many of them look very similar. If you are looking for a special radiator that blends in perfectly with your interior or has an eye-catching colour or shape, then a Zehnder decorative radiator is the perfect choice for you. A radiator should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also heat the room effectively. The size and nature of the room, as well as the type of heat generation, are decisive factors in choosing the right radiator.
The function of the room also plays a role. Since the time spent in each room differs, the output of the radiator must be designed on an individual basis. For a storage room or the attic, a radiator with a lower output is often sufficient. In the bathroom, on the other hand, a radiator with adapted heating output is ideal, which is also time-controlled and a visual highlight. Bathroom radiators are also perfect for warming and drying towels, adding comfort to your home.

Ask your heating engineer for advice on creating the optimum heating system for your home. The heating engineer works closely with us and brings the relevant know-how to ensure a perfect heating installation. With the right choice of radiator and heating system, you can ensure that your home is optimally heated and that you can enjoy the desired comfort.

Electric bathroom radiators

An electric radiator is often used in the bathroom to supplement underfloor heating. It fits perfectly into an energy-efficient house, especially when combined with solar panels and ventilation with heat recovery. In the bathroom, the electric radiator serves to increase comfort and to warm and dry towels. This makes it possible to react individually and quickly to the different requirements in the room.

Operation on central heating system and low water temperature radiator: the second type of decorative radiator is for operation on a central heating system. The radiator is connected to a central heating system. The water is heated in the heat generator and then flows through the radiator. The energy is released into the room in the form of heat.

Hybrid radiators (dual energy operation)

Zehnder supplies bathroom radiators for hybrid heating systems, which are a combination of central heating and electric heating. The radiator uses hot water to heat the room, but also offers a built-in electric heating cartridge for added comfort, especially during the transitional period and when warming and drying towels.

Zehnder radiators are available in any colour: RAL colours, trend colours, metallic colours, and many more. For more information, please see our colour chart or call us.

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