The nominal share capital of Zehnder Group AG consists of registered shares A and registered shares B.
In accordance with Art. 13 of the Articles of Association, each share entitles the holder to one vote regardless of its par value.

The Annual General Meeting held on 15 April 2015 decided to convert bearer shares into registered shares A.

Registered shares A

Nominal value 0.05
Currency CHF
Votes per share 1
No. of shares 9,268,200
Class Registered
ISIN code CH0276534614
Security 27,653,461
Listing SIX
Ticker symbols SIX ZEHN
  Bloomberg ZEHN SW
  Reuters ZEHN.S (or 27 653 461)

Registered shares B

Nominal value 0.01
Currency CHF
Votes per share 1
No. of shares 9,900,000
Class Registered
Security 13,312,654
Listing None

Stock trading

Registered shares A in Zehnder Group are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and are primarily traded on this exchange.
Zehnder Group registered shares B are not listed.


Share price information

Here you will find the current price of the Zehnder Group share and further information.
You can also download the current price in Excel format.

Zehnder operates a profit-oriented dividend policy with a payout ratio of generally 30–50% of net income.
The gross dividend is decided annually at the Annual General Meeting as a percentage of the nominal value of the share.



The gross dividend refers to one registered share A (par value CHF 0.05).
The gross dividend for one registered share B (par value CHF 0.01) is one fifth of the dividend for a registered share A.

Dividend for the financial year 2022

The Board of Directors' proposal for a dividend of CHF 1.80, based on the Group's strong performance in 2022,
was approved by the Annual General Meeting 2023.


The Board of Directors has set the following dividend dates:

Ex-date: Record date: Payment date:
27 March 2023 28 March 2023 29 March 2023
For business year Gross dividend (CHF) Ex-dividend date
2022 1.80 27/03/2023
2021 1.80 11/04/2022
2020 1.25 30/03/2021
2019 0.70 06/04/2020
2018 0.80 01/04/2019
2017 0.50 16/04/2018
2016 0.95 10/04/2017
2015 - -
2014 1.00 21/04/2015
2013 0.55 11/04/2014
Share buyback March 2021 – September 2023 (completed)

On 18 September 2023, Zehnder Group completed the share buyback programme announced on 24 February 2021. Within the framework of this programme, a total of 487,800 of the listed registered shares A of Zehnder Group AG (5% of all registered shares A) were bought back at the SIX Swiss Exchange via a second trading line for an average purchase price per registered share A of CHF 70.26 and a total value of CHF 34,270,602.

The reduction in share capital proposed by the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting on 11 April 2024 from CHF 586,800, divided into 9,756,000 listed registered shares A at CHF 0.05 each by cancelling 487,800 of the company’s own registered shares A at CHF 0.05 each with a total nominal value of CHF 24,390, to CHF 562,410, divided into 9,268,200 registered shares A at CHF 0.05 each was approved and implemented as proposed.

The Zehnder Group has commissioned Zürcher Kantonalbank to conduct the share buyback programme. Further information is available in the official advertisement (in German and French).

Rückkaufinserat (German)   Annonce de rachat (French)

The maximum buyback volume per day in accordance with Art. 123 Para. 1 Let. c of the Financial Market Infrastructure Ordinance (FMIO) was 8,599 shares.

Transactions conducted during the share buyback programme within and outside the programme are shown in the overviews below.

Transactions within buyback programme                Transactions outside buyback programme

Changes in capital structure after conversion of bearer shares into registered shares

Year What Registered shares A Registered shares B Participat. certificates (PC)
- Current status 9,268,200 9,900,000 -
2024 Reduction of registered shares A by 5% from buyback 2021-2023 (487,800)    
2015 Conversion of bearer shares into registered shares A and renaming of registered shares into registered shares B 9,756,000 9,900,000 -

Changes in capital structure since going public (1986) until conversion of bearer shares into registered shares

Year What Bearer shares (BS) Registered shares (RS) Participat. certificates (PC)
  Current status 9,756,000 9,900,000  
2011 1:40 share split +9,512,100 +9,652,500  
2011 Status before repayment of par value and share split 243,900 247,500  
2001 10% reduction of each share category through repurchase in 2000 (27,100) (27,500)  
1994 Status at year end 271,000 275,000 -
1994 RS placed   +11,000  
1994 Conversion of PC into BS +53,000   (53,000)
1994 1:5 share split +174,400 +211,200  
1992 Status at year end 43,600 52,800 53,000
1992 Bonus options (from 1991) exercised +4,400 +4,800  
1992 Options on PC exercised     +29,996
1991 AGM approved bonus options on BS (4,400) and RS (5,000)      
1990 BS and PC placed +8,000   +5,000
1989 Status at year end 31,200 48,000 18,004 ¹
1989 20% capital increase +5,200 +8,000 +3,000
1989 Creation of approved capital (8,000 BS, 2,000 RS, 3,000 PC)      
1987 Status at year end 26,000 40,000 15,000
1987 PC placed     +15,000
1987 Warrant issue launched ²      
1986 BS placed on occasion of going public ³ +18,000    
1986 Status before going public 8,000 40,000  

1 Incl. 4 options on PC exercised (from warrant issue in 1987).

2 Options on 30,000 PC.

3 The shares were placed at CHF 2,000 each. The Annual General Meeting approved the creation of 50,000 participation certificates (nominal value CHF 100) and authorised the board to issue them.

Analyst coverage

The company is monitored by financial analysts. Some of these companies publish their own reports. A selection of these firms is set out here. This list does not claim to be complete or up to date. If you are interested in any of these reports on Zehnder Group, please contact the relevant firm directly. Please note that views, estimates, and expectations expressed by analysts do not necessarily correspond to the views, estimates or expectations of the company.

The following companies, listed in alphabetical order, carry out research into Zehnder Group AG:

Company Analyst
Jefferies Fabian Piasta
Kepler Cheuvreux Martin Flueckiger
Octavian Lothar Lubinetzki
Research Partners Urs Emminger
Stifel Tobias Fahrenholz
Vontobel Mark Diethelm
Zürcher Kantonalbank Martin Hüsler

Management transactions

As a listed company, Zehnder Group AG is required to report all management transactions to SIX Swiss Exchange.

Zehnder Group AG reports all transactions of its shares made by the members of the Group Management and of the Board of Directors to the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Disclosing management transactions is a measure taken to enhance transparency for investors. You can find details about management transactions at SIX Exchange Regulation website.

Significant shareholders

For notification of disclosure of significant shareholdings, please refer to the SIX Exchange Regulation website.