Objectives and challenges

Excellent muesli starts with a clean production environment

Steady company growth and the continuous expansion of the product portfolio were a reason for joy at mymuesli, but they also brought with them a few 'undesirable' side effects that affected the production environment. We are talking about an increased amount of tea, cereal, and berry dust in the mixing and production area of the company.   What may initially sound delicious is actually a huge strain on the human lungs. Not to mention the increased risk of cross-contamination. But regular cleaning alone was not enough to get the problem under control. That's why mymuesli turned to Zehnder Clean Air Solutions. 




Passau (DE)



Food production

Dust reduction

-5 kg in 3 months


-5 kg dust in only 3 months thanks to tailored combinations

Five air purification units with multi-stage filter combinations were installed in the production and mixing area. These have always filtered the tea, cereal, and berry dust floating around from the air. The result: after only 3 months, a whole 5 kilograms had landed in the filters.

Luftreiniger im Produktion- und Anmischbereich von mymuesli
Air purifier in the production and mixing area of mymuesli
zwi männer in klninischen anzügen arbeiten in produktionshalle
Clean air: best conditions for a healthy workplace

How was this possible?

Quite simply, the experts from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions determined the optimal filter configuration and positioning of the units before installation. This ensures that the solution concept offered really does make a promising contribution to dust reduction. And indeed, even the team felt a clear improvement immediately after the installation of the air purifiers: 'The air we breathe is much clearer now!' was the feedback from the employees. 

mymuesli: Luftfilterung direkt an der Staubquelle
mymuesli: air filtration directly at the dust source
We would recommend Zehnder Clean Air Solutions without hesitation. From consultation and planning to installation and commissioning, we have always felt that we're in good hands. The units are powerful and easy to operate, and the service is first-class.

Pamir Mirzababa – Project Manager Engineer


Satisfied team. Satisfied employer. And more!

The installation of the air purifiers not only ensured the product quality of mymuesli. The employees also benefit from clean air at their workplace. They're more satisfied and motivated whilst saving themselves sporadic cleaning efforts in production in the future.  

The team aren't the only ones who benefit either: the IFS certification and the regulations of the employers' liability insurance association were also fulfilled through the cooperation with Zehnder Clean Air Solutions. Pamir Mirzababa is certainly satisfied: 'For us, this is a success on many levels!'

zwei männer in produktionshalle
Clean air: a reason to be happy for product quality and the team

Here is how it works

Industrial air cleaners from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions filter particles of all forms from the air. We offer everything from individual devices to complete solutions and intelligent air purification systems. 

Benefits at a glance:
  • A healthier team and less sick leave (up to -50%) 

  • Significant savings in cleaning costs (up to -70%) 

  • Less expenses for maintenance work (up to -30%) 

  • Increasingly satisfied customers thanks to cleaner products and short delivery times 

  • Sustainability in the long term through durable machines, healthy employees, and savings on energy costs 


We provide a healthy indoor climate so our customers can enjoy their life to the fullest.